Everyone's history 5G

Nathalie Fastrès


Ich Family has its own story, its own secrets.
To each Life is tied a story.

I imagined et created “Some Books, Some Lives...“ a genealogical library as commissioned by Geniarts.
Each level of the library represents a generation.
5 levels, 5 generations.

The lowest is the last generation
(1 person) . Then we go back in time climbing up the library’s selves:
the parents (2 persons), the grand- parents (4 persons), the grand- grandparents (8 persons) and
the grand-grand-grandparents(16 persons).
The names, dates & places of birth as of death are written on the sides of the books.

Sometimes it takes just a little twist to turn the trivial into meaningful. As little as a look, a stop, a single moment.
The insignificant is the end of
a string, it is a fallen leaf, a touch of color, a drop of water, a play of lights and shadows, a rhythm or a texture...
It’s that simple, these very small details...

What is beautiful? What is ugly? Ridiculous question?

I do not have a message to convey. Just those little things out of anonymity.
Just trying to bring materials alive, make them sensitive to the sense of "touch".
It is quite by chance that I work with a Canon SLR.
The 100mm 2.8 lens is my favorite. But I loved the time I spent with the small compact camera at early stages.
I practice editing and post-treat- ment sparingly.


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Artwork only for you by the artist, with your   datas included !
High Proffessional quality print
* Editon limited to 5 000 copies
Printing on Silk fabric on frame.
120 x 170 cm
- 47.2 x 66.9 inch.
Edition Limited to 500 copies.

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