Olivier Lamboray

Olivier Lamboray (Brussels 1968) is a Belgian artist living in Bali from where he depicts, with its very own style, his love for Belgian Surrealism.
Often compared to the great masters like Magritte or Delvaux, Olivier Lamboray surely continues this tradition to perpetrate the beauty of his country and culture.

With a great attention given to detail and quality, the paintings
of Olivier Lamboray brings us in the center of his oneiric world, where times evaporates and leaves us enjoying the magic atmospheres of his dream.
The commissioned painting made for clearly demonstrates Olivier Lamboray mastery
of composition and surrealistic freedom within the frames of thevery strict concept of genealogy construction...
From the Divine Creation down
to the birth of the last descendant (a train goes out of the water as
a child comes out of his mother’s womb), Love is truly the essence behind any genealogic story.


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120 x 85 cm
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Oil on Canvas.
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