Genea Wood 5G

Ashley Lyon

The GENIARTS concept fits his work perfectly. Genealogists often use tree structures to depict ancestry. Ashley Lyon takes this a step further, as he integrates the members of a family in the tree-growth rings for dating (Dendrochronology – word derived from the Greek terms dendron tree limb and khronos time). Trees are fascinating for several reasons. They interact with the animal species in exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide. While human blood vessels are internal, tree branches operate externally in the process.

Ashley Lyon invites you to discover your roots through his lens and helps you illustrate your own family ancestry in a work of Art.
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Purchase your customised family tree artwork

Artwork only for you by the artist, with your   datas included !
High Proffessional quality print
* Editon limited to 5 000 copies
100 x 200 cm
 - 47 x 79 Inch.

Ready to hang on your wall.

Printed on DIBOND®.
The Dibond plate is 3mm thick.
It consists of 2 thin sheets of aluminum and a core of low density polyethylene.
It is extremely durable and robust, but remarkably light.
Aluminum mounting rail.

Edition Limited to 500 copies.

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