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Betrand Neuman

BERTRAND NEUMAN was born in Brussels in 1967. His father is the sculptor Nat Neujean.
Andy Warhol will influence him through his powerful colours
and his inaccessible but eternal portraits. For Bertrand Neuman, portraying the human face has been the abiding concern ever since he started painting. "For me," he says, "the portrait is the very architecture of life."
His fascination with the human figure focuses on the face’s infinite variability and he draws his inspiration from the inexhau- stible well of emotions it holds and generates. An X-ray of one of Bertrand Neuman’s paintings would show what appear as geological strata that have built up slowly as the work has matured.
Bertrand Neuman works by impulse and creative urges.

First there is the face itself, its outward appea- rance and physical being.
Then this reality undergoes a slow metamorphosis. Education: Bertrand Neuman was born in Brussels on 10 June 1967. He began drawing and painting at the age of seven.- 1980 to 1985: studied properties of colour and composition under Czech painter Mikuls Rachlik in Florence.- 1984 to 1987: art studies at Acadmie Royale des Beaux-Arts, Brussels.- 1986: course at Uccle Art School under Ari Mandelbaum.

1987 to 1989: studied techniques of Italian Renaissance and new American figurative school at Studio Cecil-Graves, Florence.- 1988: worked intensively at painting portraits and models in David A. Leffel's studio at Arts Student League, New York.- since 1988: has made frequent trips to United States, visiting New York, Miami, Tucson (Arizona) and Santa Fe (New Mexico),where he has worked on commissions from private patrons.- 2001: worked at his monograph, to be published in 2004.

Now spends his time partly in Florence and partly in Brussels, where he is currently based.


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