Gold Puzzle 63 6G

Philippe Leblanc

(The genealogy puzzle)
The Family Puzzle is based on successive divisions of a rectangle abiding by the Golden Section rules.
The geometric and aesthetic balance generated by the Golden Section, which conserves relative length and width proportions indefinitely, has fascinated our forebears since ancient times.

The Family Puzzle represents a perspective view on time past, on the lives ofthe generations that came before ourselves.The puzzle is splitdiagonally, originating in the smaller ‘gold’ rectangle representing the subject.

This diagonal line separates the subject’s paternal and maternal lineage.
A new gold rectangle is created and divided for each generation.
Each individual is represented by a unique shape, but all these shapes in one generation cover the same area, all equally important, yet all different.

An overview of a family’s history, on our ancestry, invites us to ponder over the transmission of life, of ideas, of legends and secrets. Whether one piece of the puzzle has a name or not, ancestors did exist and thus are represented.


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Artwork only for you by the artist, with your   datas included !
High Proffessional quality print
* Editon limited to 5 000 copies
51 x 32 x 5cm. 20 x 12.5 x 1.9 Inch.
The pieces are lacquered in red-brown acrylic, and then covered with gold leaf (Pure Gold) and pale gold (Moon Gold), and finally glued on a wooden support.

The pieces are placed with a slight inclination to give variable light reflections.
The starting rectangle and the outer edge of the set are painted red-brown.
The whole is fixed in a transparent plexiglass frame, type American box.

Printing of your data in white on 3mm plexiglass.
Edition limitée à 500 exemplaires.

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