Golden Silver Tree 4G

Kool Koor

Kool Koor started his artistic journey in NYC during the mid 70’s graffiti art boom and by the early 80’s he was exhibiting his unique creations side by side with Haring and Basquiat world wide.
His artwork can be seen in museum collections such as The Metropolitan Museum in NYC, The Groningen Museum in The Netherlands and The B.A.M in Belgium.
Intent on taking his own path
in the mid 80’s, Kool Koor left
the NYC graffiti scene and opted to exhibit exclusively in galleries not focused on graffiti or street art abroad. A long list of amazing projects unfolded and a rising star was born. A true visionary, Kool Koor spent the last 25 years refining his automatic writing and futuristic metropolises.

Never knowing... only intuitively feeling, letting each pen and brush stroke guide him while steadily acquiring insight and growing.
His current work is the fruit of those golden years of exploration. Elegant lines bend, blend and transform taking the viewer on a never ending journey within architectural balance and the reflection of light. With the ease of a gentle whisper Kool Koor lures us closer then sweeps us away to freely wander around inside his magnificent labyrinths.


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