Mamandala 6G

Michel Jedwab

Born October 1949 in Brussels.

M.J. is a graphic designer, illustrator, typographer and photographer. He graduated from the École nationale supérieure des Arts visuels de la Cambre in Brussels.

He also designs very elegant jewels for men from polished stone...

• Immographie bruxelloise. Author of texts and photographs. Discovering architects’ signatures on Brussels façades.
Between typography and architec- ture, an original way of discovering a century of construction in Brussels. Illustrated with more than 400 photographs of immographies and their façades.
CIVA editions. Brussels 2009.

• Family Shops.
Photographs by Paolo Pellizzari. Text by Michel Jedwab.
A worldwide tour of small shop- keepers in their shops : from Kyoto to Addis-Abeba, the pleasure, the aim to present the customer with a rare Edo manuscript or two poor tomatoes from his garden.
Five continents editions. Milan 2006. See 

This subject is much too important to leave it to sole specialists! 
Why not introduce a little fantasy in those ‘trees’ whose branches cannot be touched...
Life is in those trees but never will we find ALL life with its interwoven coincidences, ignorance, forgotten surprises.

The idea of Mamandala is that we can make a 180° U-turn... astructure in a movement that surpasses the individual.
“Mamandala” because... mothers...

The idea, the “Wham!!!” fantasy: one can break, ignore, circumvent or turn one’s back to this tree...
it will always be there.


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