Jenifer Des


“EYE-D Project” a universal representation of the depths of the being, nothing is as revealing as the eyes. In more concrete terms, the eye is, like our DNA and fingerprints, specific to the individual. Jennifer Des works on this premise and puts the person you are back where you should be: a complex being in the middle of infinite space.
Jennifer Des asserts our individuality through the symbol of the eye, a planet-like eye, a new fertile land in search of the self.

Our mortality becomes trivial in the face of the vast complexity of the forces that surround us.
Our eyes are heavenly; turned skywards, they shine with the radiance of immortality.

In this original process, Jennifer Des photographs the eye, freezing it forever in a cosmic universe : a view of life, a glimpse of death.

The artistic process, of this project strives for honesty and offers the public the opportunity to actively participate. Those interested will be invited to take part in a photo shoot, and the artist will only produce, on request, a single, unique personalised work.


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The eye is like our DNA or our fingerprints, to each specific one. EYE-D Project revisits the photographic portrait by immortalizing an infallible expression of our individuality, our retinal footprint. It is a question of immortalizing this individuality through the symbolism of a planet-like eye.

The artistic approach of this project is new and requires active participation: "EYE-D Project" offers the integration of your eye or that of a loved one in a unique work done by the artist.

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