Gold Genetree 6G

Pierre Rulens

In front of mysteries of future,
it is the history which reveals our identity, our roots, our life...

To know our roots it is to know
our self better.
Gustave Flaubert said ”many things would get clearer if we knew our own genealogy.”


Don’t we talk about family tree,
it is an obvious representation.
If in its shape is added a structured construction, we can speak about fractal arborescence.
Fractal construction are always constituted by an element called initiator and a generator.
By successive iterations we replace the initiator by the generator and we obtain a fractal structure.
Here is the way I interpreted this given subject and have create
the ”genetree”.


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Purchase your customised family tree artwork

Artwork only for you by the artist, with your   datas included !
Solid gold bronze.
Size: 30 H x 30 W x 20 cm
Size: 11.8 H x 11.8 W x 7,8 In

This beautiful patinated bronze object is composed of 63 removable modules, each terminated by a thread allowing to fix it to the following, thus leaving the leisure to its owner to choose the shape that he wants to give to the branches, according to the clamping intensity.

Each module is designed to be finely engraved and to accommodate the names of the 63 individuals that make up this six-generation cognitive tree.
A unique piece, original and rich in symbols.
Edition limitée à 500 exemplaires.



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