Gold Puzzle 127 R&J 7G

Philippe Leblanc

THE FAMILY PUZZLE.(The genealogy puzzle)
The Family Puzzle is based on successive divisions of a rectangle abiding by the Golden Section rules.The geometric and aesthetic balance generated by the Golden Section, which conserves relative lengthand width proportions indefinitely,has fascinated our forebears since ancient times. The Family Puzzle represents a perspective view on time past, on the lives ofthe generations that came before ourselves.The puzzle is splitdiagonally, originating in the smaller ‘gold’ rectangle representing the subject. This diagonal line separatesthe subject’spaternal and maternal lineage.

A new gold rectangle is created and divided for each generation.Each individual is represented by a unique shape, but all these shapes in one generation cover the same area, all equally important
yet all different.An overview of a family’s history,
on our ancestry, invites us to ponder over the transmission of life, of ideas, of legends and secrets. Whether one piece of the puzzle has a name or not, ancestors did exist and thus are represented.

The gold leaf present in each puzzle evokes the golden rule which determines the proportions of the family tree (1width/1.618length).Each element in the all-gold leaf puzzle version receives several layers of primer and Raw Sienna paint before being gilded with 24carat gold leaf, yellow gold for males, pale gold for females. The different elements of the puzzle are then assembled at different tilts in order to reflect the light differently. Only the original rectangle representing the subject is set out flat without a gold leaf.In the case of the other versions of the puzzle, the subject’s rectangle is gilded with 24 carat gold leaf, the others being painted in various shades distinguishing males and females ascendants. Female elements are also set slightly higher than the male ones, sculpting in a way the family tree.
My work reflects my joint vision as architect and as artist into my love of geometrical abstraction, and also draws inspiration from pioneering kinetic art.

I am sensitive to rationality and pure form and prefers directed rather than random organization of thought. My work is governed by proportion, logic and mathematical series such as the Golden Number or the Fibonacci series, aiming at a conjunction of discipline and sensibility.
The volumes of my architectural compositions push painting into the third dimension and interact with the environment. A slight, almost imperceptible movement of the visitor or the light constantly renew the work.

I have lately incorporated references to genealogy as well as writing of numbers of ancient civilizations, like the mayan or chinese numeration, adding a time dimension in my work

Wood, steel, canvas, acrylic paint, plexiglass and gold leaf are used to create my universe rooted in geometry and architecture: backlit perforated canvasses, wall sculptures made of repeated geometrical items arranged in sequential colors, streamlined luminous sculptures of imaginary skyscrapers, monumental sculptures the dimensions of which reflect a specific time frame, as well as endless suspensions.

And as any architect, I love to take up space. My major installations were in private and public buildings (Palais de la Folle Chanson, Royal Warehouse of Tours and Taxis, both in Brussels, and EDF Tower, La Défense, Paris)


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Artwork only for you by the artist, with your   datas included !
High Proffessional quality print
* Editon limited to 5 000 copies
83 x 52 x 5cm . 32.6 x 20.4 x 1.9 Inch.
The pieces are lacquered and varnished with acrylic using an airbrush, and then covered with gold leaf (Pure Gold) and pale gold (Moon Gold), and then glued on a wooden support.
The pieces representing women in the genealogy are placed slightly extra thick compared to pieces representing men, giving a relief effect to the whole.

The starting rectangle and the outer edge of the set are covered with gold leaf (Pure Gold) and pale gold (Moon Gold) as appropriate. The whole thing is fixed in a transparent plexiglass frame, like American box.
Printing of your data in white on 3mm plexiglass.
500 copies' Limited Edition.

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