Louis XIV 5G

Catherine Ailesse


I was born on October 1957, I started my painting career since the young age of 21 years old, learning own my own, while attending classes at the Academy of Arts, Boitsfort in Brussels. I have been guided in my artistic experience with two great and ronowned artists: Anatoly Stolnikoff and Geronimo, a.k.a Jumping Bull.

An artiste strives to find her innate style, I have evolved from graphite drawings , watercolour, a la prima portraits to oil on wood and now I paint mosrtly with oil paint on canvas. I have always been criticized me for my too much finished, too much worked work . It turns out that this is my innate way of painting and drawing. Reflecting back to those times, I found a style that showed off what I was criticized with before , and it paid off – a precursor of modern paintings, I kept what I always liked about the Flemish Primitives, and even more specifically, the Renaissance painters. This means the care, the detail, minus the frills.

I try not to put my personality in the portrait, but to reflect that of the model I paint. Among painters of the Renaissance, this technique is the purest, without any tricks or shortcuts, the soul of the model can be expressed without artifice. I seek only one thing: observe reality. I try to make my portraits as a simple window that opens on the face of a person, and looking at the painting indefinitely leaves the viewer feeling his soul and personality reflected upon the painting itself.. I refuse to put my interpretation of the model on the table. I wish my represent ation reflects the real feel of my model without prejudgements.

‘By developing the technique of large portraits, I am in my element. Finally, I am satisfied with the modernity of my paintings, while keeping a discreet finish, which i feel is made unwieldy and unnecessary. My oil technique, which I call "pixel", lets you see the picture from afar, but also very closely, that the image does not lose its power or its simplicity. Although I am happy with the large format, I still trying to challenge myself, and I hope to do
so until the end of my days


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