Turn your family tree into a beautiful artwork ! From as little as $129*

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Display proudly your family tree ! It's easy with your Gedcom.

Once you have completed your research and built your family tree.

Don’t hide it away in a book or a computer file. A beautiful family gift at your fingertips in a few clicks.

How to upload your Gedcom file from Ancestry.com

  1. Click on the Trees tab, located in the main navigation bar at the top of the page and select Create & Manage Trees from the drop-down list. Then follow the instructions.

How to upload your Gedcom file from Myheritage.com

  1. Log in to your family site. Move your mouse cursor over "Family Tree" and click on "Manage Trees". Then follow the instructions.

How to upload your Gedcom file from familysearch.org

  1. Go to the Menu and Save then Export.


    Simply enter your email and password.

    A free and easy experience!


    Choose a work of art by browsing the gallery.

    You will be able to see your datas integrated on all Artworks.


    Encode your Family Tree or import your GEDCOM file

    Choose an Original Artwork or a Limited Edition !

Featured Artwork

Your own family tree integrate into the incredible universe of the famous Star Wars saga. Which Side of the Force Do You Belong To ?

Dark side or bright side? Available in 3 or 4 generations.

Or a magnificent library including 5 generations.

Gallery of templates

Choose how many generations you want to display from 3 to 8 generations ancestry. Buy the original or commission a unique Limited Edition from the artist.

The choice is yours - the pleasure is ours.

Original Artwork only for You

From $2.000,00

Exclusive artwork made especially for you by the artist.

Including all of your personal genealogical data.

Limited Editions

From $129,00*

3 sizes available in high quality professional print, including your data.

Affordable artwork.

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About us

Geniarts is the brainchild of Jean Louis Henno, an entrepreneur who grew up in an extended family of painters, sculptures & designers.

His family tree has deep roots and tall branches which until recently were a secret only the family could easily share. Now, thanks to the combination of inspiration, determination and technology, art and history can be brought together to create something truly original. The key to the success of Geniarts is in making the complex simple and the difficult easy so that anybody can quickly upload or enter their family tree data and see it appear on their chosen work of art within minutes.

The simple strokes on your computer keyboard kickstarts a groundbreaking computer programme that performs the miracle that appears before your eyes.

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